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Throwing the Bottle

Like most people who work in show business, I am not a celebrity. No untold millions (or even dozens) salivate over news of my latest doings. The people who have heard my work generally don't know it's mine. Most probably wouldn't care if they did.

Under these circumstances, starting a blog is the digital equivalent of writing a message on the back of a leaf, slipping it into the last empty vodka bottle that washed up on the shoals of your soul, corking it with a piece of driftwood, hurling it into the river, and hoping that it will be found by someone who will give a damn instead of throwing the note away so he can reuse the bottle.

Nonetheless, at the suggestion of several people who claim to have my best interests at heart, I have decided to throw a cautious bottle into the already overpopulated River of Blog.

Ideally, I'd get started by describing what this blog will be. But the fact is, I'm not entirely sure. It's likely to be a little eclectic, at least to start. That said, I do know what it will not be:

It will not be a list of what I ate for dinner.

It will not be a venue for vapid self-help cliché.

It will not dissolve in warm fuzzies over my favorite political candidate.

It will not consist of an endless parade of selfies.

It will not attempt to make you envy my glamorous lifestyle.

Most of all, I hope it will not be a place where I write solely about myself under the delusion that I am interesting. My work is often interesting, and I look forward to writing about it often. But I do know that self-expression is not necessarily communication.

I look forward to communicating with you.

(P.S.: Right now the blog looks very spare. It will look less spare when I can spare the effort to de-spare the spareness without falling into, well, despair.)

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