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M U S I C   P R E P A R A T I O N

Piano Reductions

Weill Lady in the Dark Entr'acte

“Entr’acte” from Lady in the Dark

  Music by Kurt Weill

  Lyrics by Ira Gershwin

  Critical Edition by bruce d. mcclung and Elmar Juchem

  Piano Reduction by John Baxindine

Weill Johnny Johnson Tea Song

“The Tea Song” from Johnny Johnson

  Music by Kurt Weill

  Lyrics by Paul Green

  Critical Edition by Tim Carter

  Piano Reduction by John Baxindine

Full Scores; Orchestral & Choral Parts

Naplan - Schlof mein Kind FS p 15.jpg
Naplan - Schlof mein Kind PARTS Vn I.jpg

Schlof Main Kind

 Music by Allan Naplan

 Text by David Einhorn

 Orchestration by Joseph Olefirowicz

Norman - Trip (Ger)(Chorstimme) p 28.jpg

A Trip to the Moon

Music and Libretto by Andrew Norman

German Text by David Paul

(Musical instructions translated into German by John Baxindine)

Norman - Split - Wind parts JWB Fl 1 p 1


Piano concerto by Andrew Norman

All examples prepared in Finale 25.

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